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Monday 22nd May


11.00-12.00: Registration


12.00-13.00: Lunch


13.00-13.10: Welcome


13.10-13.40: Invited lecture: Pigmented conjunctival lesions. Jørgen Krohn.


13.40-14.40: Session 1A. Eyelids. Chair: Tiina Leivo


13.40-13.55: Reconstruction of an eyelid without the use of the opposite eyelid on the same side. Peter Bjerre Toft.


13.55-14.10: Our experience of the frontalis flap technique for congenital ptosis repair. Rikard Linderoth.


14.10-14.25: Prospective comparison of two surgical procedures for correcting upper eyelid retraction in patients with Graves` orbitopathy. Hans Olav Ueland.


14.25-14.40: Perfusion monitoring during oculoplastic reconstructive surgery. Johanna Berggren Vennström


14.40-14.50: Short break

14.50-15.50: Session 1B. Eyelid. Chair: Rikard Linderoth

14.50-15.05: Upper eyelid tumor surgical treatment with compromised surgery time and anesthesia – a case report. Tiina Leivo.

15.05-15.20: Superficial temporal artery pseudoaneurysm post blepharoplasty: Case report. Asaad Alhabsi.


15.20-15.35: The oculoplastic surgeon’s perspective on facial cleft surgery in Northeast India. Anne Katrine Wiencke


15.35-15.50: The effect of blepharoplasty, ptosis, or eyebrow surgery to quality of life and use of medication related to headache or eyelid skin diseases. Tiina Leivo


15.50-16.20: Coffe break, exhibition, and posters


Poster:    Long-term Outcomes of Fornix Reconstruction and Cicatricial Entropion Repair in Ocular Mucous Membrane Pemphigoid and Drug Related Secondary Pemphigoid. Magdalena A. Wirth.


16.20-17.20: Session 2. Orbit. Chair: Haraldur Sigurdsson


16.20-16.35: The VEXAS syndrome- a new disease entity causing orbital inflammation. Marie Louise Roed Rasmussen


16.35-16.50: Why I made tomato soup without cream one evening after work. Peter Bjerre Toft

16.50-17.05: Paediatric Orbital Cellulitis: Two Enigma Cases. Sri K Gore

17.05-17.20: Outcomes in a Norwegian Cohort with Malignant Orbital Tumours. Eyvind Rødahl


17.20-19.30: Relax and network.


19.30-20.00: Aperitif


20.00-00.00: Dinner

Tuesday 23rd May


09.00-09.30: Invited lecture: Keratoprosthesis. Historical development and current techniques. Gunnar Høvding.


09.30-10.45: Session 3. Orbit. Chair: Anne Katrine Wiencke


09.30-09.45: Enucleation in Iceland 2005-2018. Study in a defined population. Birna S. Gudmundsdottir


09.45-10.00: Eliminating Post enucleation socket syndrome (PESS) in Iceland?! Haraldur Sigurdsson


10.00-10.15: The dermofat graft used for medial canthal webbing and lower eyelid retraction after orbital fractures. Peter Bjerre Toft

10.15-10.30: "What route did the silicone take to the orbit?" Eva Dafgård Kopp

10.30-10.45: Intraosseous vascular malformation of the orbital wall mimicking malignancy. Jesper Skovlund Jørgensen


10.45-11.30: Coffee break, check-out, posters, and exhibition


11.30-12.00: Administrative affairs


Eva Dafgård Kopp: European fellowships in oculoplastic surgery



Eyvind Rødahl: NOSOPRS - from meeting to society. Appointment of a working committee/interim board. Registration of the society.


12.00-12.30: Photo


12.30-13.30: Lunch


13.30-14.45: Discussions. Chair: Eva Dafgård Kopp


13.30-13.45: Dag Einar Lysebo: -Simultaneous bilateral surgery in aponeurotic ptosis?

-The ice pack test to rule out myasthenia gravis?  


13.45-14.00: Vibeke Vagle: Lower eyelid reconstruction after BCC resection


14.00-14.15: Hans Olav Ueland: Orbital cellulitis and covid-19 infection


14.15-14.30: Åsne Bjørnstad: Optic perineuritis after covid-19 infection?


14.30-14.45: Eyvind Rødahl: Treatment of periocular pain


14.45-15.00: Thank you and goodbye – see you in 2025!


15.30            Bus departure for airport

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